Keep property locked


THERE have been burglaries committed in the Strathern, Heidelberg and Appleby areas of South Invercargill in the past two weeks.
These were a result of opportunistic criminals entering houses and attached sheds/garages due to the property being either unlocked or insecure.
Small, easy-to-carry items have been targeted, including wallets and money. Tools and garden equipment have been taken from unlocked garden sheds, or when the property has been left insecure.
Please lock houses, garages and sheds, ensure all windows are shut, and ensure vehicles are left locked and all valuables removed.
On the morning of April 25, police responded to a call from a member of the public who witnessed a suspicious vehicle in the Lardner Rd, Tisbury, area.
Police responded to this information and a male has been arrested and charged with a burglary committed in the Tisbury/Myross Bush area the previous week.
If anyone witnesses any suspicious vehicles or people, please phone 111 and report the activity as this often can result in further police action.
If anyone has any information which can assist the police regarding criminal behaviour phone 0800 555 111 (Crime Stoppers).
— Acting Inspector
Maggie Windle
is the Southern Police
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