Cycling career on hold

Southland world champion track cyclist Corbin Strong will spend the rest of the year training in New Zealand.

WORLD champion track cyclist Corbin Strong is back in his hometown of Invercargill after Covid-19 put his international career on hold.

In March, 20-year-old Strong went to the Netherlands with his SEG eRacing Academy team for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) tour.

Two days before the race, he was sent home to New Zealand following the Government’s call for New Zealanders to return before borders shut due to Covid-19.

“By the time I’d got home my team had packed me a bike and booked me a flight and told me I needed to get out of the Netherlands because all the racing was being cancelled.”

While he spent a few days contemplating whether or not coming home was the right decision, he was pleased to be back.

“There would still be no racing if I stayed and I would’ve been stuck in the same room in Spain for eight weeks, so I’m glad I did [come back].”

Strong said the cycling season had been a time of “ultimate highs and ultimate lows”.

In February, he competed at the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, bringing home a second place in the team pursuit and first place in the points race.

“I was able to pull off the win, which was really special for myself and my family and all my supporters.”

During the past few months of lockdown in New Zealand, he continued to train indoors.

With the uncertainty around the future of track racing internationally, he planned to remain in the south.

“I’m sort of thinking it might just be training and some racing here in New Zealand for the rest of the season.”

Despite the challenges, he was looking forward to spending some time at home ahead of a future in track cycling overseas.latest jordan SneakersbalerĂ­nky