Fight For Kidz: Bout 6


In the lead up to the charity boxing event Fight for Kidz 2018, the Southland Express will be running fighter profiles for each bout. The sixth bout is between Corey Nicol and Brad Anderson.

Corey “The CaveMan” Nicol

Corey “The CaveMan” Nicol (blue team)

Age: 41

Weight: 108kg Height: 187cm

Sponsor: Harcourts Real Estate

Why did you enter the Fight for Kidz?

A: To do my part in helping to raise money and awareness for a good cause.


Have you had any previous experience which will be helpful?

A: I did a lesson of Kung Fu when I was 8.

What do you hope to get out of the Fight for Kidz experience?

A: The experience of doing something I wouldn’t normally do and being put out of my comfort zone.


“Big Bad” Brad Anderson

Big Bad” Brad Anderson (red team)

Age: 45

Weight: 119.2kg

Height: 187cm

Sponsor: GWD Motor Group – Queenstown

Why did you enter Fight For Kidz?

To lose some weight and have a goal to aim for. To help out a charity.

Have you had any previous experience that will be helpful?


What do you hope to get out of the Fight For Kidz experience?

Meet new people, help out a charity. Lose weight and get into better shape.Nike shoesFullress , スニーカー発売日 抽選情報 ニュースを掲載!ナイキ ジョーダン ダンク シュプリーム SUPREME 等のファッション情報を配信!