Hewitt has Olympic dream

South Pacific Power Trip wrestlers TK Cooper (left) and Travis Banks (right) with Alexandra Hewitt at the Southern Rumble on July 18 at the ILT Stadium Southland. Photo: Supplied

UP for a new challenge and ready to step out of her comfort zone, Southland woman Alexandra Hewitt has a goal to take her powerlifting dreams to the Special Olympics.

The Invercargill based 31-year-old, who worked in the laundry at New Zealand Aluminium Smelter at Tiwai Point, discovered her interest in powerlifting after watching wrestling on television, she said.

“I have a few friends that do wrestling and one that’s a powerlifter. I’ve played other sports before but I wanted to try something new that I’ve become really passionate about.”

A “work in progress”, she had since reached out to Sport Southland in the hope it would connect her with someone in the powerlifting industry, she said.

“They’ve referred me to a couple of different people in Southland who could train me, so that’s the next step.”

Ms Hewitt has Down Syndrome and wanted to take on the sport to be an advocate for others with disabilities.

“I am looking to get a subsidy so I can afford to get a personal trainer and a gym membership, it’s quite a big passion of mine,” she said.

Ms Hewitt said she was an avid bike-rider, which made her confident her fitness levels would benefit her ability to learn the sport quickly.

She was determined to make her dream a reality and compete in a future Special Olympics competition, she said.affiliate link trace『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧