Mad dash under the lights

Te Anau police officer and Fiordland Athletics Club captain Dwight Grieve won the “Moonlit Milford Mile” on Saturday.

TE ANAU has had a bad run with events being cancelled, especially in the past three months.

Te Anau Tartan Festival was one casualty this year; the annual Milford BP Mile Trophy has been organised within this event’s framework since 2014.

Fiordland Athletics club captain Dwight Grieve said some club members decided to run a modified event last weekend.

“With nearly all running events off the table, a couple of us who have been training
together decided to do the mile race on the Fiordland College track.

“We all decided to mix it up a bit for laughs and to start at 9pm with car headlights to run

To keep the trophy alive it was dubbed the “Moonlit Milford Mile”.

The traditional race first started in 1993, going from Milford Rd, through the Town Centre to the lake front.

Five men aged 25-65 ran the race, with Grieve claiming the overall title.

“Was a laugh with the track set up with glow sticks and flashing lights but no females turned up to contest the women’s trophy.”

“Was fun and likely to happen again as we try and keep the Milford Mile Trophy alive,” he said.

Milford BP Mile trophies for both men and women will be engraved and displayed at the
Sandfly Cafe.

The trophy was first sponsored by Fiordland BP Ltd owners Ezilda and Alan Duncan

This sponsorship was carried on by new owners David and Judith Taylor 2000-2009.