Marathon week eight training diary


SEPTEMBER 20 to 26: The key word this week is “focus”. The marathon, 10 mile, 10km or 5km is going to be physically tiring, but of course you know this and your training has been geared to help overcome or at best, tolerate it.

But have you thought about how mentally draining it might be?

A strategy to help maintain focus is to mentally break the event up into sections. Don’t think about running a marathon (or 10 mile) in one big bite

Instead of running 42 kilometres, run 5 kilometres… then another, and another.

Concentrate on completing this 5km before thinking of further ahead. Or, instead of thinking about running for four hours, focus on running 20 minutes, and then another.

As well as being easier to focus and maintain concentration for the time or distance, it gives you a series of achievements you can tick off.

The same principle applies to the shorter distances, but of course, in smaller bites.

Marathon – Monday: 30 minutes very easy (slower than usual training pace). Tuesday: 45 mins easy. Wednesday: 10 mins easy then 20 mins at your goal pace then 10 mins easy again. Thursday: 30 mins easy. Friday: rest or 30 mins brisk walk. Saturday: 20-30 mins steady run or Parkrun. Sunday: 60 mins easy or do the St Paul’s Sandy Point Classic Off Road Half at Oreti Sands. Most is on tracks and is a great run.

10 Mile (16km) – As marathon.

10km – Monday: 20 mins very easy. Tuesday: rest. Wednesday: 10 mins easy, 10 mins steady, 10 mins easy. Thursday: 45 mins. Friday: rest or brisk 30-min walk. Saturday: 3km at your goal pace or Parkrun or 5km at the Sandy point Classic. Sunday: Up to 45 minutes.

5km – Monday: 30 mins. Tuesday: rest. Wednesday: 20 mins steady. Thursday: Walk 30 mins. Friday: rest. Saturday: 2km at your goal pace or Parkrun. Sunday: 30 min easy.