Marchers hold public open day

Some of the Foveaux Pearls Leisure Marching team at practice on Monday night.

FOR people wanting more fun, fitness and friendship, the Foveaux Pearls Leisure Marchers may be the answer.

Coach Dianne Blair said the group was holding an open day on Monday, December 5, at 7.30pm at the Hockey Southland hall on Camden St for anyone who was interested in the sport.

Marching was a very social sport which took the marchers throughout New Zealand to take part in displays, Mrs Blair said.

“Leisure marching is a non-competitive team sport, popular among those aged 35 and over, with the goals of fun, fitness and friendship.”

Mrs Blair said marching had been a lifelong sport, which she began 52 years ago as a teenager.

Since then, she had not only been part of marching teams but had also been an A-grade judge and coached for many years. She enjoyed the sport so much and made so many friends she had continued with the Foveaux Pearls for the past 17 years as a marcher, coach and choreographer.

Although the group has had up to 22 marchers previously, it currently has eight, three who were foundation members. It is keen to hear from others who would like to join.

Although a Bluff team, Mrs Blair said it was more convenient for the group to practice in the city, which it did at the Camden St hall on a Monday night.

As well as taking part in the annual Southland Santa Parade on Saturday, December 4, the group also put on displays four to five times a year and travelled around New Zealand to take part in other displays.

“Nine out of 10 marching displays are held in stadiums,” she said.

Anyone who was interested in trying out the sport could go along and have a look, and if they were keen they could try it out for a couple of weeks before committing themselves, she said.

For more information, phone Dianne Blair on 0273 299 389.Adidas footwearfree shipping nike yeezy warehouse store locations