Masters seek new swimmers

Foveaux Masters swimming club spokeswoman Sharon Ferguson is encouraging people to have a look at what the club has to offer.

WHETHER you can swim or not, the Foveaux Masters Swimming Club is looking for members to come and give it a go.

Spokeswoman Sharon Ferguson said the club was all about fun, fitness and friendship.

As well as competitive swimming for the more serious, the club also offered classes for those who had never learned to swim and those looking to improve their technique.

The Foveaux Masters club began in the early 1980s and was also popular throughout the early 2000s, Mrs Ferguson said.

However, membership had declined and the club was looking at ways to encourage adults (anyone aged more than 20 years) to join.

“Most sports cater for all age groups right through to adults,” she said.

“Swimming doesn’t really.”

Age shouldn’t be a barrier either, she said.

“You can learn swimming at any age. Actually, it’s a great thing for older people.

“Adults can learn to swim quicker than children.”

The sport helped with breathing, fitness and was low impact.

There was no obligation for anyone to join the club but she welcomed anyone who was interested.

  • Those looking to join could meet on Tuesday at 7.30pm at Splash Palace in Invercargill. There was no additional charge just the normal pool entry costs.

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