Moffett Cup went to Myross Bush

Moffett Cup 2017 winner Myross Bush Blues rugby team from Myross Bush School with the Moffett Cup trophy. Photos: Sanda Jukic

The winner of 2017 Moffett Cup is Myross Bush Blues rugby team.

About 400 Years 3-8 pupils from Myross Bush School, Tokanui School, Gorge Road School, Woodlands Full Primary School, Tisbury School, Ascot Community School, Halfmoon Bay
School, Rimu School, Aurora College and Menzies College competed in rugby and netball in the annual Moffett Cup.

The event was hosted by Tisbury School and was held at the Pirates Old Boys rugby grounds and Stadium Southland last week.



1st Myross Bush Blues
2nd Rimu Crusaders


Year 3/4 Netball
1st Rimu Stars
2nd Tisbury Pulse

Year 5/6 Netball
1st Woodlands Mystics
2nd Tokanui Dynamite

Year 7/8 Netball
1st Menzies
2nd Tokanui Destroyers


Year 3/4 Rippa Rugby
1st Tisbury Lions
2nd Myross Bush Steelers

Year 3/4 Rugby
1st Woodlands Highlanders
2nd Tokanui

Year 5/6 Rugby
1st Myross Bush Stags
2nd Myross Bush Highlanders

Year 7/8 Rugby.
1st Tokanui
2nd Ascotbest Running shoes brandNike Shoes