Oar-some efforts

Rowers in the 2019 I-Hire Corpor8 Rowing Challenge on Saturday. Photo: Laura Smith

AFTER eight weeks of on-water training, those involved in the 2019 I-Hire Corpor8 Rowing Challenge took to the water on Saturday’s competition day.

Kiwi Skips’ “Dirty Oars” were crowned defending champions during the Waihopai Rowing Club’s major annual fundraiser on the Oreti River near Invercargill.

WSP Opus’ “The Last OctOPUS”, who experienced a seat malfunction during racing, came second, and Whyte’s Gravel Supplies finished third ahead of VetSouth.

Decom Electrical won the B Final and PowerNet the C Final.

The event included a Fusion Fitness and Focus Technology-sponsored Indoor Rowing Challenge held in October.

There were 15 teams involved in this year’s event.

WSP, for the first time, won the indoor event, which was run by electronically connecting rowing machines for teams to race in relay format.

Invercargill Hire (I-Hire) sponsored the overall event for the second year and were first-time competitors. They teamed up with Phoenix Services to make up an eight.

The day ended with presentations for the A-D final winners, as well as the best-dressed crew – Southern District Health Board’s “Swim Team”, and entertainment in the tent-city.

Images from the event.  Photos: Supplied

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