On Par


Town v Country: Southland women from town and country golf clubs will contest the annual Town versus Country matches at Invercargill Golf Club on October 18.

The teams are: Town: Silver: R Boniface,(QP), O Frost (Inv) ,W Fairweather (QP), N Anderson (QP), J Henderson (Inv), D Kaio (QP), A Beck (GA), J Wadworth (Inv).

Bronze: S Millar (Inv), H Ayto (GA),R Hartley (Inv), N Owen (QP), J Raines (QP) H Chadderton (Inv) ,L Harvey (GA), A Cloete (Inv). Country:Silver: H Baird (Dip), G Todd (Dip), B O’Brien (Tua),T McColl (Mat), A Fraser (Riv), L Froger (Wyn), P MacLeod (Drum) S Hemi (TeA).

Bronze: J Steel (Waik), S Speden (G), F Robinson (Wyn), J King (TeA), D Cullen (Waik), S Young (Wyn), J Ladbrook (Riv), S Racz (Drum).

Reserves: F Dudfield (Drum) , L Chambers (Tua).

Golf in the Park
QUEENS Park held its annual Golf in the Park tournament over the weekend with 174 golfers in the field. The winning team on a score of 235 was Rodger Stewart, Darren Miller, Mark Doggett and Kevin Munro all from Queen Park. Runners-up on 231 and also Queens Park players were Russell Sinclair, Gloria Sinclair, Trevor Neilson and Joe Sanginiti.