Pump track opens in Te Anau

Ariadne McDonald, 2, of Te Anau, leads the cyclists after the official opening of the Te Anau Pump Track last Saturday, followed closely by her father Andy McDonald.

TE ANAU is one step closer to becoming a cycling hub after the opening of the Te Anau Pump Track on Saturday.

The $70,000 pump track begins and ends at the Te Anau Skateboard Park on Park Lane and caters for cyclists, scooter riders and skateboard enthusiasts.

The two-looped asphalt track is a continuous loop of berms and smooth mounds, known as rollers, which can be ridden without pedalling.

The name “pump track” comes from the pumping motion riders use as they ride around the track, with the aim to maintain speed without pedalling.

The Te Anau Community Board funded half the track cost while the Community Trust of Southland and Meridian Energy paid the rest.

Board chairwoman Rachel Cockburn said it was a team effort and part of the board’s drive to make Te Anau a better place for families.

Te Anau Cycling Incorporated president Andy McDonald said the pump track was opened for public use on February 7, was a community-driven project and “cool fun” for all ages.trace affiliate linkΑνδρικά Nike