Sharks impress with double victory

Southland Sharks player Courtney Belger continues to impress. He was one of the top scorers during the Sharks' two victories last weekend. Photo: PhotoSport

IT was a busy and victorious weekend for the SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks.

The Southland team won both games it played last weekend, resulting in a six-game winning streak in the New Zealand Basketball League championship.

On Friday, the team had a 84-70 victory at home over the Wellington Saints, which had its first loss of the season.

On Saturday, the Sharks won again, 85-78, against the Otago Nuggets in Dunedin.

Southland Sharks general manager Jill Bolger said early this week she was very proud with the performance of her team.

The players “certainly had a tough beginning of the season” with eight of the 11 games being played away.

However, the tides had turned and the Sharks managed to strike six victories in a row.

“To be able to play at home on Friday night, beating the top team, and then they went to Dunedin the very next day, where they won there again – it is really fabulous, they are doing a great job.”

However, she preferred to not make any predictions or put the cart before the horse.

With the good results, the Sharks were leading the championship with 11 points, eight victories and three losses.

However, most of the teams still had to play several games to match the Sharks’ game numbers.

Bolger was excited for the next game against the Manawatu Jets at ILT Stadium Southland tomorrow night.

Last month, the Sharks beat the Jets, 100-88.

Bolger hoped the Shark Tank crowd would help the team bring another victory home.

“It is always a challenge and it is always great to play at home with the Southland crowd to support us.

“So every home game is an exciting time for us and I don’t expect anything less for this week.”

  • SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks vs Manawatu Jets, Friday, 7.30pm, ILT Stadium Southland.