Southland Festival of Running week five training diary


THE word this week is intensity.

The essence of distance running training is developing your ability to run the required distance at the required pace.

Your training is designed to do this, but not both at the same time.

It should be either distance (volume) or intensity (speed).

In other words, do not try to run your goal race pace on your long runs.

To take an extreme example, Usain Bolt did not run 9.58 seconds over 100m in training.

When he was training to run that fast (intensity) he ran at top speed over a very short distance.

When he was developing the strength and endurance to sustain a fast pace over 100m he ran further or repeated the distance several times all at a slower pace (volume).

On race day he would put both together.

The same applies to distance running.

This includes a race pace session where you increase intensity to goal race pace. Start by dividing your hoped-for race time (goal pace) by the distance (42.2 for marathon, 16 for the 10 miler) to determine your kilometre rate.

For example, if you are aiming for a 4-hour marathon, your goal pace would be 5.14 per kilometre (give or take a few seconds either side).

This session is on Saturday at the end of the week.

If you do this as part of Parkrun make sure you don’t race it, keep to your goal pace.

Important: it is both an intensive training session and an indication of realistic goal time. If the session proves difficult, you may need to revise your goal time. And you must keep the effort consistent over the distance and not speed up or slow down over latter stages to meet your targeted time.

Monday: 30 minutes very easy (recovery run after weekends two long runs); Tues: 40 mins plus 4 to 6 x 60m s/o; Wed: 60 minutes; Thur: 30 mins with the middle 10 mins run at a steady pace; Fri: rest; Sat: 5km (maybe the Parkrun) at your goal pace; Sun: 80 minutes.

10 Mile (16km)
Mon: rest or 30-min walk; Tues: 30 min; Wed: 60 min; Thur: 20 mins plus 4 x 60m s/o; Fri: rest; Sat: 5km at your goal pace (can be done as Parkrun); Sun: 70 mins.

Mon: rest; Tues: 40 mins with 4 x 60m s/o; Wed: 40 mins; Thur: 30 mins; Fri: rest; Sat: 3km at your goal pace; Sun: 60 mins.

Mon: 30 mins; Tues: rest; Wed: 30 mins. Thur: walk 30 mins; Fri: rest; Sat: 2km at your goal pace; Sun: 40 mins.

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