Te Anau senior marks a special milestone

Te Anau Rugby Club senior captain Grant Taylor runs on to the paddock with his 1-year-old son James to celebrate playing 150 games played for Te Anau Rugby Club against Mossburn in Te Anau last Saturday. Photo Supplied

TE ANAU Rugby Club senior captain Grant reached one of the biggest milestones in the sport last weekend.

Taylor played his 150th game for Te Anau against Mossburn on Saturday, after first pulling on the seniors jersey in 2008.

Te Anau Rugby Club president Nathan Botting said: 150 games for the Te Anau senior team shows outstanding loyalty, dedication and commitment to our club and community.

“I am quite envious of this milestone Grant has achieved as will be a lot of other Te Anau Rugby Old Boys who would love to still be playing.”

The 31-year-old started playing for the Te Anau seniors in 2008 before heading to Dunedin to study at Otago University, playing for the Alhambra Rugby Club, before heading to England and playing for the Minehead Stags.

He eventually returned to the fold of the Te Anau seniors where he has spent the past six years as captain.

Throughout the years, he had represented Northern age group and seniors, as well as played Southland and Southland Country age group rugby.

After the match, Taylor was presented with a jacket with ‘150 games 2021’ embroidered on it as a token of appreciation from the club.

Te Anau seniors lost to Mossburn 26-19.