Volleyball players enjoy festival games

Ethnic Volleyball Festival indoor mixed competition section winners, the Cook Islands group, with runners-up, the South Kiribati Community Youth Girls. Photo: Supplied

THE Waitangi Weekend Ethnic Volleyball Festival was a success, Volley South organisers say.

The four-day regional volleyball festival was hosted in Invercargill during the course of two days.

Volley South chairwoman Donna Milne said it encouraged members of the public to connect and take part in free volleyball games.

“While red traffic lights restrictions meant we could not run the festival as originally planned, we were able to adapt and modify what we did so that everyone could still enjoy themselves.”

The event attracted nearly 100 people to ILT Stadium Southland on Waitangi Day and to the newly built beach volleyball hub, at Forth St, on Monday.

The festival highlighted the need for more sporting events for all ethnicities and nationalities throughout the region, Milne said.

“To have local Brazilians, Pacific Islanders, Maori, Argentinians, Portuguese, Indians, Filipinos, Americans, Canadians, Local Missionaries, and New Zealanders, all coming
together to enjoy volleyball was exactly what we had hoped for.

“Our hope is to make this an annual festival across our region, and to connect up with more not-for-profits, funding opportunities, community and ethnic groups so we have more
partners to expand on this concept,” Milne said.

Volley South was looking forward to planning a Matariki festival in late June.

Anyone interested in playing beach or indoor volleyball, or wants to give it a go can email: infom@volleysouth.org.nz