Week 6 marathon training diary


THE word this week is “peaking”.

Peaking is when you start to ease up on your training. There is not much you can do to dramatically add to your fitness in the final three weeks but there is a lot you can do to reduce it. Training too much is the biggest danger.

From now on, less is best: less volume, less frequency but there should be no reduction in intensity. In other words, you reduce the number and length of runs but do not reduce your running pace.

Monday, rest. Tuesday, 45 minutes easy. Wednesday, 30 mins steady to hard but not all out. Thursday, 30 minutes easy. Friday, rest or 30-min brisk walk. Saturday, 20-30 min steady run at your goal pace or Parkrun plus another 20 mins at easy pace. Sunday, 60 mins easy. The running times given are a guide only, if tired, cut back.

Same as marathon.

Monday, 20 minutes. Tuesday, rest. Wednesday, as per marathon. Thursday, 45 minutes. Friday, rest or brisk 30-min walk. Saturday, 3km at your goal pace or Parkrun. Sunday, up to 60 minutes.

Monday, 30 mins. Tuesday, rest. Wednesday, 20 mins steady (but not all out). Thursday, walk 30 mins. Friday, rest. Saturday, 2km at your goal pace. Sunday, 40 min easy.

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