Express Wheels – 1995 Land Rover (long-wheel base) Series 1


Name: Colin Bailey

From: Winton

When and why did you acquire it? In 2011 via Trade Me in Blackmount, because I love Land Rovers and had always wanted to own an old Land Rover. My first car, when I was 17 living near Manchester in the United Kingdom, was a Land Rover.

What is the vehicle’s history? It was built in February 1955, and imported from England to Broadway Parking and Petrol Station Ltd, Dunedin, leaving the UK on 28 March 1955. Originally registered in Invercargill to Joseph Begley & Son on May 20, 1955, he owned it for four years seven months, before being owned by an Archibald Begley, of Otahu, for more than 26 years. Douglas Sanford, of Otautau, bought it in 1986 and owned it for more than nine years. Colin Sutherland, of Otautau, was the next owner for more than 13 years.

Have you altered it in any way? I stripped it right down and rebuilt it. I had promised my wife that it would only take two to three weeks. It was very much like Meccano… nuts and bolts and screws. It took four and a half years. Winton Motors refreshed the engine.

What’s it like to drive? Slow, but for me, it’s magical.

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? I absolutely love driving… it’s always been a passion for me… I love all driving… up hill, down hill, around corners. I do like the run up to Queenstown, and around the lake.

Top speed? It cruises at 55mph.

Best driving experience? All my driving experiences are my best experiences… day, night, car, truck, bus.

Worst driving experience? None… I don’t have any. But the worst thing I don’t like about driving is fog.

What other vehicles of note have you owned? When I was working in the UK, I had a run of Ford vehicles… XR2, XR3, XR4, RS2000… it had to be a Ford in those days as it was a company carBest music to drive to? ’60s and ’70s and loud… radio channel 106 Magic.

Describe your driving style: Considerate… very aware of what’s going on around me.

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… Range Rover

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? Land Rover.

Do you belong to any clubs? All British Vehicle Club Southland branch and the LRSOC (Land Rover Series One Club), which is a worldwide club.

Event: Land Rover, David Brown and Citroen are the feature marquees at Crank Up 2019. Street parade, January 25, 7pm, Edendale. Main event, January 26 and 27, Edendale Recreation Grounds from 10am. Entry, adults $20, children under-16 free. Land Rovers are featuring at this year’s Crank Up as it is 70 years since Land Rovers begun in April 1948. They were meant to be a ‘gap vehicle’ because it was just after World War II and the UK didn’t have enough steel to make cars, so used aluminium to make the Land Rover panels, Mr Bailey said

Engine: Two-litre original

Transmission: Four-wheel drive original

Colour: Originally it was grey, now Marine Blue, which was the official Land Rover colour in 1957

Photos: Janette Gellatly

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