Geological secrets revealed

Operator, geologist and guide Jenna Halder during the guided field trips along the rugged South Coast. Photo: Supplied

NEW guided tours in the Riverton area are giving tourists the opportunity to discover the geological secrets of the South Coast.

Operator, geologist and guide Jenna Halder said southern human history dated back several hundred years, while its geological origins went back 280 million years.

“There’s hidden history of supercontinents, volcanism, submerged land, ice ages and mountain building to be discovered.”

With the support of Venture Southland, the agency responsible for the region’s economic and community development initiatives, and the team at Te Hikoi Museum in Riverton, Halder developed the guided field trips along the rugged South Coast.

“Tourists now can enjoy this new sightseeing adventure. We have a rich history in this area and it is worth taking the time to discover, explore and learn,” she said.

GeoTours South offers three tour options that will take visitors along the western part of the Southern Scenic Route.

According to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s monthly regional tourism estimates, tourist interest in spending more time in the area was growing, so developing a new tourism project seemed like a perfect idea.

Venture Southland tourism product development co-ordinator Renatta Hardy said Halder saw a unique product and put a lot of effort into making it reality.

“[The] scenery of Southland is wonderful and now we are giving… tourists and locals the opportunity to explore our surroundings from an earth science perspective,” Hardy said.

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