A comic for every taste, for free

Greenlight Innovations director Leon Hartnett says comic books can be a great gateway to literacy for a lot of people.

ONE thousand free comic books will be on offer at the Invercargill Public Library next Saturday in celebration of Free Comic Book Day.

The international initiative is a promotional effort from North American comic producers to attract new readers to the industry, where special edition books are printed cheaply and given away.

In previous years, up to 7 million comic books have been produced for the annual event.

Invercargill’s Free Comic Book Day has been run by Greenlight Innovations for six years, which has routinely proven to be popular.

“It’s great because there’s such diversity in the material that they give out and it’s really a key entry point to literacy for lots of people,” Greenlight Innovations director Leon Hartnett said.

Each attendee will receive one free comic book for turning up to this year’s event, and another for dressing up or making a donation to the Invercargill Salvation Army food bank, limited to two comic books per person.

This year’s selection of comics includes a range of well-known titles such as Stranger Things, Captain Underpants, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pokemon and Avengers – something for every kind of fan, from the long-time reader to the comic book curious.

  • Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 21, 10am-1pm, at the Invercargill Public Library, Dee St.