A fresh perspective

Holiday fun: Inspired by the piece, The Crown Jewels in the Inhabit: Southland Art Foundation exhibition at He Waka Tuia transitional Art + Museum space, Southland Art Foundation chairwoman Lyndal Ludlow is promoting a holiday activity for children to collect their own memories. 

A NEW exhibit in Invercargill hopes to bring a fresh look at Southland through the eyes of New Zealand artists.

Inhabit: Southland Art Foundation at He Waka Tuia transitional Art + Museum space is a collection from the Southland Art Foundation, with about 30 pieces from Kiwi artists who took part in the William Hodges Fellowship artist-in-residence programme in the region.

Southland Art Foundation chairwoman Lyndal Ludlow said artists had been provided with an opportunity to put roots down in Southland and their work showed their interpretation of the lifestyle and environment, an artistic rendering of how they see Southlanders.

The artists lived in Southland for up to 12 weeks.

“It is all about bringing artists from outside of Southland to live, breath and be inspired by our region.”

She was delighted the art pieces were on display as they had been in storage since the Southland Museum & Art Gallery closed in 2018.

It was not an easy task to select 27 pieces from hundreds of works, she said.

“The current trustees chose their favourite arts that they wanted to share with the community because art is not supposed to be in storage, it should be for people to enjoy, so we chose a wide range of things which we believe the community would like.

“It is fantastic being able to display those pieces again.”

He Waka Tuia co-manager Gemma Baldock believed it was the perfect exhibition for the summer holidays.

“This show will allow people from inside and outside the region to understand and enjoy the Southland scenery.

“It is so specific for Southland but also they can see the artist’s view from their world and the many different ways you can experience it.”

Along with the exhibition, the space was also promoting the My Neck of the woodsholiday activity.

Inspired by the artwork The Crown Jewels Skull Necklace, children could collect mementos from their holidays like leaves, shells, feathers and stones and embed them in a leather necklace.

The creations would be displayed in the window at the space next year.