Comedy tour gets a-round the country

Paul Ego will be in Invercargill with the 7 Days Live crew on June 10. Photo: Supplied

NEW Zealand’s longest-running comedy television show is back on the road next month, with Invercargill one of the first stops.

After last year’s tour was postponed, 7 Days Live will travel to 13 centres around the country from June 4-30, with Invercargill’s show taking place on June 10.

Host Jeremy Corbett will once again be at the helm, with a panel made up of 7 Days regulars Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Justine Smith, Josh Thomson, Laura Daniel and Ben Hurley.

Comic Paul Ego said he was looking forward to getting back on the road after keeping to the comedy circuit in Auckland for several months.

‘‘It’s nice for my family as well. If you’d met them you’d know that they’re very keen when I leave. Living with a comic is very annoying.’’

He said audiences could expect a slightly more irreverent version of 7 Days than what they’re used to seeing on TV.

‘‘The whole show is obviously, you know, kind of more flying by the seat of your pants, kind of make it up, more irreverent and rude 7 Days than what you would see on TV. Probably even more so now that the show’s shifted to an earlier time slot.

‘‘But we don’t travel into some shows and go, ‘OK guys, we’re in Nelson all right, nobody mention genitals at all. OK, and we can’t talk about jam, because remember there was that big jam explosion?

‘‘We do tend to do a fair bit of research on stories and what’s been going on, and certainly, if there’s a story in the news on a particularly sensitive topic, that’s where we might go, ‘OK, well, maybe we just won’t mention anything about that at this particular show’.

‘‘But generally speaking, kind of anything goes really, and I mean, it’s kind of the whole of the show to be able to get out there and sort of push the line a little bit without being too disgusting… It’s pretty good fun.’’

In their downtime between shows, some of the comics visited the country’s golf courses.

‘‘Jeremy Corbett, Dai [Henwood] and myself are a bit golf nuts. That’s our sort of wind down during the day to get out and play some courses in and around the country that we haven’t played before and chat about the show.

‘‘And of course, you can practice just swearing. If you’ve ever played golf, you know it’s the best place to practice swearing. And then of course, you can bring that on to stage that night and go, ‘Here’s some new swear words I learned today when I fired my ball to the back of a word pigeon’.’’

Ego said just because Invercargill was at the bottom of the country, it didn’t mean the city was at the bottom of their priorities, as it was the fourth stop on the tour.

‘‘So by the time we hit Invers, we’re going to be three shows in. We’ll have our game faces on, the stand up will be humming, and we’ll just be having a really great night.

‘‘The Civic Theatre always goes off. This is the only venue we’ve ever been to where there’s been a fistfight in the middle of the show, not during the show or after the show, but while the show is on. So we don’t want that to happen, but it’s always a memorable night in Invercargill. And I know they’re going to bring a great crowd and we can’t wait to see them

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