Riverton artists brush up on creative variety

Riverton Art Committee members are looking forward to hosting their second exhibition A Brush With Art, starting on Friday.

PEOPLE can expect a range of eclectic art pieces at the A Brush With Art exhibition, Riverton Community Art co-ordinator Beth Hanes says.

Some of the art pieces featured include stitching, watercolours and acrylic artworks.

“There are eight members who will feature five to 10 of their art pieces.”

The group was formed after Riverton artist Dawn Barry decided to end her art sessions.

“We enjoyed it so much because of the art and each other’s company, so we decided to carry it on,” Mrs Hanes said.

The first exhibition was held last year, but the group had grown more confident and there was more variety in their art, she said.

Artist Rhonda Black said the group helped her to become more creative.

“It’s a great social group and everyone is super supportive and helps each other out.”

One of her art pieces was a painting of Trotter House which was inspired by the view from her daughter’s home window.

“I wanted to buy [Trotter House] plenty of years ago when it was on the market, but my husband wouldn’t buy it, so I had to paint it instead.”

  • A Brush With Art, Riverton Community Art Centre, December 24-January 3.