Southland musicians to share experiences

Southland singer Jenny Mitchell will take part in the Women in Music workshop in Invercargill this month.

SOUTHLAND women keen to top off their musician’s skills with a bit of technical know-how will have the opportunity at the Southland Musicians Club this month.

The Women in Music workshop, a joint initiative between the club and Arts Murihiku, would feature musicians Jenny Mitchell, Kylie McGinnis and Hanna Ott for the day, Arts Murihiku chairperson Rebecca Amundsen said.

Supporting women in the industry as well as adding to individual skillsets was the goal of the day.

“We’ve tried to reach out to the different sectors of the community that are involved in the arts and get feedback from them about what the gaps are or where the support or capability needs to be provided.”

The first part of the two-part mentoring day will involve a discussion panel with the guests and cover topics such as travel, finance, booking shows and how to stay safe.

It was unfortunate safety had to be a topic, however, with everything that was coming into the public realm about how women in the entertainment industry had been treated, it was important to discuss personal safety issues, Ms Amundsen said.

“Even in New Zealand there has been some discussion about how women have been treated in the industry.”

The second part will teach attendees how to set up and operate audio production and personal PA systems.

Workshops have been designed to provide women in the music industry skills they may need for a solo gig.

“We have been working with Southland Musicians Club to develop the workshops and one of the things we have identified is that often women know how to play their instruments and sing their music, but don’t necessarily have an understanding of the technical stuff about sound and all that kind of thing.”

Ms Amundsen said providing women with the know-how of setting up a sound system for themselves and problem solve if they need to, especially at events where they were on their own, was a great tool for developing their confidence.

“Part of the focus is about that sort of stuff so women can feel confident when they go to a show and are all on their own and have a bit of knowledge about the sound stuff.”

Ott, who has a degree in audio production, will share from her wealth of knowledge about live audio, recording, releasing music, promotion and touring.

Keynote speaker Mitchell, a fully self-managed Southland musical talent, will share from her experiences and challenges within the music industry, while McGinnis will also share her experiences from the Southland music scene.

  • Women in Music will be held on Sunday, May 22. To find out more or to register, go to