Workout class ditches gym for ‘disco atmosphere’

Clubbercise instructors Jordan Skelt and Georgie Sunshine says the class was workout a fun workout that doesn't feel like exercise. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO

GLOW sticks, adisco atmosphere and music from the 2000s is the recipe for a new workout class in Invercargill.

Last week, ILT Stadium Southland hosted its first session of Clubbercise — a 45-minute group exercise which mixes dance, aerobic, combat and toning moves.

Clubbercise instructor Jordan Skelt said the workout was a sensation in gyms in the United Kingdom and she was happy to be able to bring this innovative exercise to Southland.

The classes are taught in a darkened space with disco and UV lights, and LED reusable glow sticks.

For the first class, they had a make-up artist applying glowing face paint on the attendees to bring them into the club atmosphere.

Instructor Georgie Sunshine was excited to be part of the first class of this type in the region.

‘‘We are here for a good time — it will be so much fun. We are also working out without knowing we are working out — we are here for a good dance and a good sweat.’’

Among the people who attended the event were Invercargill women Sete Maka and Trudy Burdon.

They loved the experience.

In the club: Invercargill women (from left) Trudy Burdon, Sete Maka, Jess Domigan and Laura Faherty took part in the first Clubbercise at the Stadium.

‘‘I don’t go out to the pub much but we miss out on all those dances and just having a laugh. It is great to have something like this so that we can come together to have fun,’’ Mrs Burdon said. Ms Maka agreed. ‘‘Who needs nightclubs if we have Clubbercise? It is really fun.’’ Ms Sunshine said classes would run twice a week from August at the stadium.