Tutus the running attire of choice for the 22nd

The Hare Family didn’t take the day too seriously when Leighton, Denise, Abigail, Genevieve and Mathilda Hare turned up in style for Saturday’s tutu run around Queens Park.

If you go down to the park on the morning of any Saturday the 22nd, beware as you will more than likely see every man, woman, child and even dogs adorned in tutus and running shoes.

The day is designed at a bit of fun and adds some flavour to the weekly Parkrun group
meeting. Every 22nd of the month, hence 2-2 or tutu day, is the day tutus are donned for a run around the city’s Queens Park walking tracks.

Parkrun group convener Liz Henry said they had been meeting each Saturday morning since February 2018.

‘‘It’s all about having some fun and taking the mickey out of ourselves. Running
should be fun,’’ she said.

It was an event that was open to all ages and abilities.
People were welcome to run or walk the 5km track at their own pace.

It was not a race and was free, but people were encouraged to register for the event at parkrun.co.nz